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Temperature Controlled Freight Services

Temperature Controlled Cargo

Temperature Controlled – this is a specialised type of transportation required mostly by customers in medical and food industry, but not limited to.

The temperature for the cargo during transport can be achieved from two sources – the packaging – special thermal recipients with gel packs and dry ice, suitable for small – non palletised cargo, or from the unit of transport – temperature controlled vehicle for road service, ULD container for air cargo, refrigerated container for sea shipments.

We will provide diagrams and graphs of temperature during transport for your cargo, with the help of our data loggers available at extra-cost.

From the perspective of cargo three main intervals of temperature are defined:

  • negative temperatures (below 0°C) frozen cargo
  • 2º-8ºC refrigerated cargo
  • 15º-25ºC ambiental cargo

Often, temperature sensitive cargo is to be shipped in conjunction with express services, so the risk of not maintaining the cargo to required temperature is minimised. Our trained staff will work along side you to identify the optimised solution for this delicate shipments.