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Dangerous Goods – Handling DG Shipment is No Joke!

Dangerous Goods Cargo

Dangerous Goods – handling DG shipment is no joke! Goods that are classified under one of the 9 classes of dangerous goods can inflict temporary or permanent damage to either the transporting unit (airplane, truck, ship), to the person handling the goods or to the environment, if not properly packed, labelled and declared.

The required document in order for us to identify the solution for DG deliveries is MSDS – material safety data sheet -, issued by the manufacturer of the goods. With our trained staff we will be able to issue a correct SDDG – shipper declaration for dangerous goods, on your behalf, carry out acceptance procedures for your cargo, observe if correct PI – packaging instruction – is compliant, as per IATA standard, and finally dispatch your shipment to its destination.

With the exception of class 1 – explosives and class 7 – radioactive materials, which are ruled and handled by special authorities according to each countries local applicable laws, we can offer transportation for all the other categories, and compliant packaging if you need to purchase it separately from the goods, for any given reasons.