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Clinical & Biological Goods – it’s not just a Package it’s a Patient!

Clinical & Biological Cargo

The only “happy” shipment of this kind it’s stem cells kits, right after birth, but even this, in its self, is send for stocking at laboratories for future potential use, to treat a medical condition of the newborn later on during his/her life.

All other shipments in this category are sent in curative purpose, for tests, analysis and clinical trials in testing new medicines. In this respect, our thoughts go out to the families of those for which we are transporting this biological substances category B–UN3373, hoping that our flawless service will play an important role for the well being of the patients.

Dry ice (see Dangerous Goods Service) is often used in conjunction with biological substances for medical conservation purposes. PI – packaging instructions – are key and mandatory to comply with IATA standards for this category of cargo. Needless to say, Via Cargo will offer you our full attention and involvement for quickly, safely and cleanly deliver this cargo in good hands.