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Next Flight Out – Shortest Time Possible to Destination

NFO Next Flight OutNFOnext flight out – is the service you need when shortest time possible to destination is your utmost important need. This may refer to large (palletised) cargo, but it’s most common for 0.5 kgs to 30 kgs /piece shipments, multi-pieces are accepted.
Dedicated driver will arrive to your premises, or your partners location, will pick up the goods and drive straight to the airport for handing over your shipment to the airline that has the first scheduled flight available, closest to the final destination of the goods.

Depending on destination the flight may not be direct, this is where our transit agent steps in and makes sure your shipment connects to the 2nd leg flight. At the other end, we will book our counterparts courier, so they wait patiently for the cargo to arrive, pick up and drive straight to the receiver.

This service is available 24/7, and a correct solution is to be proposed to you in 30 minutes or less. Available for both international and domestic shipments.