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Air Charter – Your Cargo’s Dedicate Airline Service

Cargo Charter Service Charter is without a doubt the most challenging, complex and fast transport operations, which requires us to identify the smallest and closest aircraft fitted to load and fly your cargo to it’s destination.

Airlines have to own permission to operate the airport closest to the cargo’s origin, destination airport. Our road carriers need to arrive on a short notice to pick up cargo an drive it the airport for required pre flight formalities and security screening. Our team working at Via Cargo holds the necessary know how to link all this pieces and offer you the door to door air charter services.

Please note that 50% advance payment is minimum required for this kind of operations, and demurrage charges are applicable if cargo is not available at the time you instruct us to. Charter service can be your best friend in critical situations or your adding to your worst logistic nightmare if not managed properly, communication between your team and our team is of essence for this service.